I am Clare, my stoma is Tomas. I had emergency surgery for ulcerative colitis in April 2016.This blog is about my life with Tomas, with the ups and downs. Some posts may contain  graphic content, such as how to videos and photos, so don’t look if your squeamish.Throughout my medical journey I have endured many complications, and will be posting about these too. During my time with Tomas, I have tried many stoma products, which will also feature in my blogs.I am happy to answer any questions relating to the surgery, its effects and the stoma, just leave a comment. Would love to hear from other ostomates too, and swap stories. If there is anything in particular you would like me to write about, again just ask. I know stomas are taboo to some , and people are curious, I will be pleased to tell you all the gory details.

At the moment I am new to blogging so my site is in progress.